Zoe and Zara are independent singer/songwriters based in London. Performing and headlining in venues including The Highly acclaimed Vortex Jazz Bar, Passing Clouds (Dalston), Pizza Express (Spitalfields), The Academy (Cambridge) and Artliners, (Berlin). Festivals include Bounce Festival (2013), Gillet Square Live (2016), Bedford River Festival (2016) with the twin duo also performing on the Platinum Cartel Stage at Last years Notting Hill Carnival.

Born & raised in Bedford Town, Zoe and Zara embarked on a music career following a performance at Caffe Concerto, White City. When Zara found herself without a guitarist, Zoe (who was then studying a Drama degree) jumped on the stage and the two improvised an Acapella version of the classic ‘Lean On Me’. The Host, Daniel Bensity described the two as ‘Having enough positive energy to create an atomic bomb’ and the two didn’t look back.

Following the release of their first single ‘Beat Up in My Head’ Zoe & Zara continued to share their retro soul vibe, with tracks including ‘My Man’, ‘ Colourful’ and ‘Get Up Now’. In 2016 following a stay in Jamaica and Miami, the twins returned to the UK, where they recorded ‘Make you Proud, with producer Richard Arshaw : a song they performed when opening for the renowned Reggae Legend ‘Dawn Penn’ (Southend Splash 2016).

Zoe & Zara aim to continue delivering a message of positivity through their songwriting, with their debut E.P being set for release in the Summer of 2017.